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Smith Street Holiday House
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Smith Street Holiday House This property's availability may have up to 24 hours confirmation waiting period.

2 Smith street Esperance WA 6450

Situated just a street back from The Esplanade, walking distance to the town centre, parks, beaches, restaurants and shops. Magnificent bay and town views. This house is suitable for families and/or small groups.
+61 0429786047

Smith Street Holiday House offers three different options:

Stay in the downstairs apartment style rooms (ground level - top three pictures on the right hand side of the screen), the upstairs house (level 2 and 3 - bottom three pictures on the right hand side of the screen) or the whole house.

Ground Floor: 2 Bedrooms with an en suite in each and a kitchenette joining both rooms.

Upstairs (Level 2 and 3): 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, includes kitchen, dining and lounge with upstairs games rooms. Overlooks Esperance Bay and town.

Or rent the full house and get all three levels to sleep up to 10 guests.

Directions: Downstairs: Follow down to the west side of The Esplanade, continue onto the overpass and turn on the first left onto Smith Street. Smith Street Holiday House is more to the bottom on the hill and is number 2.

Upstairs: Follow down to the west side of The Esplanade, continue onto the overpass and turn on the first left onto Smith Street, then down Bostock Street on the second right.

Carpark Non Smoking Establishment Verandah
Linen Provided Self contained 
No Pets Television 

Cancellation Policy / Terms & Conditions
The operator cancellation fee is the following: If cancelled more than 14 days before arrival there is no fee; if cancelled 14 days or less before arrival there is a one-night fee; if cancelled less than 24 hours before arrival there will be no refund. The booking centre cancellation fee on top of this is a flat $22 fee for any cancellation.